Enchanted Rainforest

Rainforests are the Earth's oldest living ecosystems. Learn more about one of our richly diverse, unique North Queensland environments in the Enchanted Rainforest featuring a huge quandong tree, hidden birds and other native animals.

Things to see and do:

  • Explore the rainforest floor - it may look like a jumble of leaves but it is home to many small inhabitants essential to the rainforest ecosystem.
  • Become a Rainforest Detective - how many animals can you spot amongst the leaves and branches? 
  • See the giant Hercules Moth with the largest wingspan of any moth in the world.
  • Discover the habitat of the Southern Cassowary and how they play a vital part in the rainforest environment.
  • Understand what we can do to help the environment and ensure the future conservation of these important ecosystems.

Purchase your copy of Queensland Museum's Wildlife of Tropical Queensland 2nd Edition when you visit or online.