Meet our mascots

I’m Beau and I’m a big beautiful blue butterfly. I’m a Ulysses butterfly and you can find me at the Museum of Tropical Queensland during the school holidays. I love to meet Museum visitors so please come and say hi if you see me walking around the building.

Real Ulysses butterflies are big too (but not as big as me) and they are very pretty. You might see Ulysses butterflies in lush backyards, beautiful public gardens or at Paluma National Park. They can be found all around tropical north Queensland.

Lots of kids want to take me home but I have to stay at the Museum. You can print my colouring-in sheet (117 KB) pdf document icon though!


…and I am DINOMITE, I’m big, I’m strong, I’m scary and I ROAR!!

I was the first dinosaur mascot at the Museum. The folks here didn’t know what to name me so they had a naming competition. Brodie, a six year old local boy who loves visiting the Museum suggested the name Dinomite.

I normally come out during dinosaur-themed school holiday programs, but you might be lucky and see me in the Great Gallery during other special occasions too.








I'm the Museum's first dinotot and I first appeared during the summer school holidays in 2013 / 2014. I'm a baby hypsophilodontid and was cleverly named Aroara by Cheryl as part of another naming competition. 

I sometimes come out during school holidays and when I'm not napping,  I'm really good at helping to read story books and help children learn about dinosaurs. 





I'm the third dinosaur mascot to be adopted by the Museum. I first appeared during the school holidays in September 2015 and was named T. bone by Aiden who lives in Mount Louisa. 

I'm a teenage Tyrannosaurus rex and can't keep out of trouble! I'm quite light-weight, so can move much more quickly than Dinomite and although I don't roar, I'm good at helping people learn about skeletons and fossils.