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Sophie Price

Sophie Price is the Assistant Curator of Anthropology at the Queensland Museum Network, based at the Museum of Tropical Queensland campus in Townsville. Sophie initially joined the Queensland Museum as both a Visitor Services Officer and Research Assistant in 2017, while she was completing her tertiary study. During this time she also volunteered and worked with the UQ Art Museum, Artspace Mackay, the UQ Anthropology Museum and RD Milns Antiquities Museum on a range of projects. After graduating from a Bachelors degree in Archaeology/History, and a Masters degree in Museum Studies, she transitioned into her current full-time curatorial role. In her position as Assistant Curator at the Museum of Tropical Queensland, Sophie manages and cares for the unique Anthropology and Social History collections held at the Townsville campus.

Sophie is passionate about creating synergy between museums, galleries and libraries, and further developing methods of engagement between people and collections. Sophie’s blog series, Connecting with Collections on the Queensland Museum blog helps to promote public engagement with Anthropology and Social History collections, and she is also working on new ways to make collections available via 3D modelling and collection digitisation projects.

Sophie’s other research interests encapsulate contextualising and defining cultural collections within museums, addressing issues in documentation and record keeping in these institutions, and providing greater opportunities for community engagement and knowledge sharing of collections. She is currently working on research alongside the ARC Linkage Project, ‘How Meston’s Wild Australia Show Shaped Australian Aboriginal History’.  


Assistant Curator of Anthropology