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Schools and Children’s Groups

With a range of interactive exhibits, Sciencentre is where you can follow your curiosity and bring out your inner scientist as you question, investigate and wonder about your everyday world. As you play and investigate in Sciencentre, you are using lots of the same skills that scientists, engineers and mathematicians use in their everyday.

Explore your curiosity as you play with the exhibits.
Ask questions, test out your ideas and make observations of what is happening. 
Share your thinking with others and build on new ideas and questions. 
Apply these STEM skills in Sciencentre and later in your everyday world.

Sciencentre is ideal for schools and children's groups (ie. vacation care) with children aged 5 – 13 years, however students of all ages will benefit from their visit. 


Visit Planning and Booking your visit for booking details, free adult ratios, group sizes, planning information and making a booking.


If visiting the rest of the museum, maximise learning opportunities by exploring information for teachers and group leaders about making the most of your museum visit.


New resources for Sciencentre will become available on the Learning Resources platform as they develop, so please revisit the platform for new content and resources to complement your visit.

Exhibition Guide
The Sciencentre Exhibition Guide provides an overview of the experience, including information about the different zones and highlights, things to do, think or talk about in the gallery and a gallery map.

Curriculum Links
Sciencentre exhibits and programs link to the Australian Curriculum in the learning areas of Science, Technologies and Mathematics, and support students to develop their general capabilities in Literacy, Numeracy, and Critical and Creative Thinking. 

Curriculum Links Prep - Year 8

Free Teacher Visit

Free entry is available for Queensland teachers for planning preparation and to make the most of their group’s learning experience. To redeem your free admission, just show your teacher ID on arrival. Entry prices apply for family members and accompanying guests.

Contact our Learning Officer via email for more information.