Sophie Price

Sophie Price is the Assistant Curator, Anthropology at the Museum of Tropical Queensland in Townsville. Sophie manages the unique anthropology and social history collections, encompassing thousands of objects from across Queensland and beyond.

Sophie’s research focuses on re-contextualising cultural collections and addressing colonial legacies and practices in museums. This research looks specifically at the influence of colonisation on the formation and use of historic museum collections, and how decolonisation practices can reshape the way museums work with and for collections and communities now and into the future. 

Sophie is also passionate about strategic contemporary collecting, to address the imbalance of traditional museum collections and diversify collecting areas that cover women’s history, LGBTIQA+ communities and current social and political movements.

In her role, Sophie facilities opportunities for community engagement, accessibility, and knowledge sharing between people and collections. Her blog series, Connecting with Collections on the Queensland Museum Network blog, and Instagram profile (@sophies.curatorial) encourage alternative ways of making collections more available to the public, particularly through the use of digital platforms.

Sophie’s research as part of the ARC Linkage Project, How Meston’s Wild Australia Show Shaped Australian Aboriginal History, was recently published in the Queensland Museum Memoirs Cultural Heritage Series (Volume 12, 2021): ‘Wild Australia’: performers, productions and politics.

Instagram: @sophies.curatorial


Aboriginal cultures

Pacific cultures

Torres Strait Islander cultures


Assistant Curator of Anthropology

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