Dr Michela Mitchell

Dr Michela Mitchell is a sea anemone taxonomist and venom researcher based at Museum of Tropical Queensland in Townsville. 

Michela is a current Churchill Trust Fellow, and holds a doctorate from Monash Institute of Pharmaceutical Science (MIPS) in Medicinal Chemistry and studied the venom of endemic Australia sea anemones in the search for novel peptides and proteins for use in structure, function and evolution studies, which may be used as therapeutics. 

Michela is passionate about driving forward the venom research model in Australia and creating innovative solutions using venom peptides for the treatment of disease, applications in agriculture and development of more cost-effective anti-venom.

Her blog and Twitter series Trolley of Death aims to promote museum collections as a research source to the venom community, highlight little-studied predators and educate the public about some of the myths that surround these unique animals.

Twitter: @anemonegoddess

Image: Armed Anemone Dofleinia cf. armata





Honorary Researcher


PhD Pharmaceutical Science (Medicinal Chemistry)