Grey Huntsman

Holconia immanis, family Sparassidae


Huntsman spider, Sparassidae, Holconia immanis, female

Very large hoary grey spiders with brown stripe down middle of the abdomen; ends of legs with black pads that enable them to walk on vertical surfaces.

Length: Legs span 230 mm.


Eastern Australia; in open forest, often venturing into houses and cars.

Prefer narrow flat spaces, e.g. under bark and like situations in houses, i.e. on walls, behind paintings


None recorded.


Nocturnal hunter able to walk on vertical walls, including glass, and on ceilings.

Tend to be placid but very sensitive to wind.

Preyed upon in houses by Asian Gecko and introduced Daddy-long-legs (Pholcus phalagioides).

Presumably one of the causes of car crashes as the wind around the car drives the spider inside onto the windscreen.

Some people claim these spiders scream.

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