Sugar Glider

Sugar Glider (Petaurus breviceps)

Petaurus breviceps


Body length 170 mm; tail length 190 mm; weight 130 g. Rat-sized body; soft grey fur with black stripe along middle of head and body. Tail thick as, or slightly thicker than, a human thumb, usually with white tip.

Habitat and Range:

Wetter or higher altitude forests or rainforest remnants. Common in restricted range including D’Aguilar Range, Mount Tamborine Jimboomba, Redland Bay, Capalaba, Rochedale and Algester. Coastal northern, eastern and south-eastern Australia and Tas.


Nocturnal. Feeds on wattle exudates, gum sap, nectar and insects. Lives in groups of up to 10 and nests in tree hollows. Similar to Squirrel Glider but smaller and often with a white tail-tip


Cats (which usually leave tail uneaten) and clearing of wattles.


Loud yip-yip-yip. Droppings are blackish, pointed at one end and sometimes joined by hairs (12 mm long by 4 mm wide).

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