Subtropical Antechinus

Subtropical Antechinus (Antechinus subtropicus)

Antechinus subtropicus


Body length 95 mm; tail length 90 mm; weight — male 60 g, female 28 g. Size of small rat. Flattish, broad head; pointed snout; cat-like teeth; inner 'big' toe on hind foot has no nail. Body, head and tail brown. Broad 'Charlie Chaplin' hind feet.

Habitat and Range:

Rainforest (mostly highland). Common in restricted habitat. From Gympie, Qld, to just south of the Border Ranges, NSW.


Nocturnal, except in the breeding season. Similar to Yellow-footed Antechinus. Previously known as Brown Antechinus (Antechinus stuartii).




As for Yellow-footed Antechinus.

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