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Long-nosed Bandicoot

Long-nosed Bandicoot (Perameles nasuta)

Perameles nasuta


Body length 400 mm; tail length 140 mm; weight 1.5 kg. Snout long and pointed; posture hunched; ears pointed; fur is  soft yellow-brown; short tail; large gap between 4th and 5th upper incisors. Forefeet have 3 long-nailed toes.

Habitat and Range:

Rainforest and moist gullies. Common only on D'Aguilar Range and its lower slopes. Patchy distribution along eastern mainland Australia.


Nocturnal. Does not climb. Omnivorous; common at backyard compost heaps. Shrill 'toy trumpet' squeak when disturbed. Similar to Northern Brown Bandicoot.


Dogs, cats and cars.


Small conical holes (50 mm diameter) in lawns and gardens. Droppings are like peanut pods (35 mm long by 10 mm wide).

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