Tullgren Funnels (Berlese Funnels)

These traps are used to collect insects and other creatures that live in leaf litter. The litter is spread on a mesh screen within a large funnel with a light bulb suspended above the litter. The combination of heat, light and the gradual drying of the litter drives insects through the mesh where they drop into a container at the bottom of the funnel. You can make a simple tullgren funnel from a plastic soft drink bottle. Cut the bottom off and turn the bottle upside down. Place a circle of fine wire mesh in the bottle and cover the mesh with leaf litter. Suspend the neck of the bottle over a container of water mixed with a little detergent. Hang an electric light bulb above the leaf litter.

Tullgren Funnels set up Tullgren Funnels set up

Tullgren Funnel being emptied Tullgren Funnel being emptied

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