Graceful Treefrog

The Graceful Treefrog, Litoria gracilenta A male Graceful Treefrog giving its mating call.

Litoria gracilenta


The Graceful Treefrog is bright green with yellow slides, belly and feet.  The eyes are orange and are marked above by a pale stripe or `eyebrow’ that runs forward to the tip of the snout.  This species grows to 45 mm.


Found coastally from Cape York, Queensland, to the Gosford area of New South Wales.


Lives in open forests, woodlands and suburban gardens.


Commonly found in vegetation near water.


The eggs are laid in a jelly clump on the surface of the water.  Development from egg to small frog takes around 2 months.


The call is described as a long growl - `aaarrrc’ or `waaaaaa’.

Similar species:

This species is most similar to the Southern Orange-eyed Treefrog, Litoria chloris.

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