Eastern Sedgefrog

The Eastern Sedgefrog, Litoria fallax Mating Eastern Sedgefrogs The Eastern Sedgefrog, Litoria fallax

Litoria fallax


The Eastern Sedgefrog is a small species.  It is green to pale brown and has a white jaw stripe and a dark band between the nostril and eye.  The back of the thigh is bright orange.


Found coastally from north Queensland to southern New South Wales.


Found in a wide range of habitats but not rainforest.  Generally found on vegetation around water bodies.


Common in suburban gardens and often observed `hunched’ on foliage or vertical plant stems during the day.


Eggs are laid in small clumps on the surface of the water and attached to aquatic vegetation.


A long `wreeek’ followed by two pips.

Similar species:

Most similar to the Northern Dwarf treefrog, Litoria bicolor, from which it is best separated by call.

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