Swamp Crayfish

Tenuibranchiurus glypticus


Swamp Crayfish, Tenuibranchiurus glypticus

Reportedly world's smallest crayfish, being fully grown at 25 mm. Unlike other crayflish in South-east Queensland, fingers of claws open and close vertically rather than horizontally or obliquely. Body greyish-brown. Difficult to find due to small size, cryptic colouration and well-developed burrowing habits.

Habitat & range

Paperbark swamps and shallow drainage channels. Prefers to burrow into damp clay but is occasionally found in peaty sand. Woodgate, Qld, south to at least southern Brisbane area.

Potential threats

Originally recorded from Bulimba Creek, Mt Gravatt, it has not been recorded in metropolitan Brisbane for more than 60 years, though it has been found at Victoria Point. Habitat loss is probably a significant threat to the survival of this unique species.

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