Biodiversity collections

A case from the F.P & A.P. Dodd Collection of Tropical Insects (c.1917) showing blue butterflies from the family Lycaenidae.

Collections of the living fauna are located at Queensland Museum South Bank in Brisbane and the Museum of Tropical Queensland in Townsville. They are stored in secure, well-curated, climate-controlled conditions and accessible to all bone fide researchers and other communities for specific purposes. The collection stores are not open to the public. Although databasing of the whole zoological collection is a work in progress the type collection is completely databased, with information available to the international research community.

Our Biodiversity collections:

  • represent a pivotal resource for the study of tropical Australasian biodiversity
  • provide verifiable tools to gain new knowledge of Queensland’s unique animals and those that are also common elsewhere in the Asia-Pacific region
  • provide an insight into the evolution, connectivity and dispersal of life throughout this region

Most specimens are from Queensland’s terrestrial and marine provinces. There is also substantial comparative material from adjacent Indo-Pacific regions and a smaller number of exotic species acquired for comparative purposes.

The collection steadily grows as our inventory of the region’s natural resources becomes more comprehensive. It presently consists of several millions of specimens with just over 700,000 specimens registered on a computer database. It includes:

  • about 2.5 million specimens or specimen lots of the living fauna
  • an irreplaceable collection of over 34,000 type specimens (primary and secondary types), of the living animal species from Queensland and adjacent Indo-Pacific regions. These types are a vital national and international resource for scientific research and identification verification