The Deep Sea

Just beyond the Great Barrier Reef, in depths greater than 200m, lies the deep sea. It is an area inhabited by many mysterious and bizarre creatures. 

With an increasing depth the environment becomes darker and colder and the pressure rises rapidly. The creatures that call this area home show many interesting adaptions for life in such an apparently hostile environment.

Things to see and do:

  • Be surprised by the size, shape and appearance of many different animal species collected from local research cruises off the Great Barrier Reef
  • Shine the light of the living relatives of ancient creatures. 
  • Understand how creatures survive under the extreme pressure found at depths of 8-10 km down.
  • Learn how light and pressure changes from the Great Barrier Reef, down the Continental Slope and far beyond the Bathyal Plain.
  • See the life size replica of Giant Angler Certius holboelli.
  • View a specimen of a Giant Spider Crab and learn how it deters predators.

The Deep Sea is part the Discover Tropical Queensland Gallery on Level 2.