Discover Tropical Queensland

Explore the environments of North Queensland from the deepest seas to the highest rainforests, from the ancient era to modern times. 

The Discover Tropical Queensland gallery is made up of a number of exhibitions and interactive displays which offer engaging experiences for all ages and interests.

Things to see and do:

  • Start your journey by learning about the giant marine reptiles who ruled during a prehistoric era in Ancient Seas and Reefs.
  • Delve into the Deep Sea and learn about the creatures that live in the darkest parts of our ocean.
  • Discover the creatures of the Great Barrier Reef, including our collection of Great Barrier Reef hard and staghorn corals in Colour: Secret Language of the Reef.
  • Learn about the creepy crawlies that represent the biodiversity of North Queensland.
  • Spy on the backyard creatures that come to life at night in At Home in the Tropics.
  • Visit Tonka the bare-nosed wombat and discover his special story.
  • Explore where the land meets the sea and find out about the importance of mangrove ecosystems.
  • Learn about and interact with an example of a Wet Tropics of Queensland World Heritage Site in the Enchanted Rainforest.

Located across Level 2, a stroll through Discover Tropical Queensland will provide a great insight into the natural and cultural heritage of North Queensland.

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