Ocean Sentinels above the surface

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Welcome to what will soon become a world below the surface. 

Museum of Tropical Queensland presents the Museum of Underwater Art’s Ocean Sentinels above the surface.

This unique display featuring works from internationally-renowned artist Jason deCaires Taylor, showcases five hybrid sculptures – a synthesis of human figures and natural marine forms - modeled off world-leading marine scientists and stakeholders, each who has played an important role in our understanding and protection of the underwater world.

Like the other MoUA pieces, these sculptures will find a permanent home in North Queensland waters. For a limited time, museum visitors have the opportunity to get up close with deCaires Taylor's work and experience the skill and creativity behind each masterpiece.

Ocean Sentinels will be the Museum of Underwater Art’s third art installation in the Townsville, North Queensland region with the Ocean Siren at The Strand and the Coral Greenhouse at John Brewer Reef already popular installations featuring deCaires Taylor's work.

MoUA’s mission is to create a fusion of art, science, culture, and education that stimulates important conversations about the future of the Great Barrier Reef. Find out more about Museum of Underwater Art here.

NEW EVENTS! Enhance your exhibition experience by booking into special artistic workshops. 

Sketch workshops: Drawing the Ocean Sentinels

Create your own clay coral colony: Sculpture Workshops

Spaces are limited! Book now.

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Image: Jason deCaires Taylor with the sculpture of Professor John 'Charlie' Veron as featured in Ocean Sentinels above the surface
Home page/cover image: Sculpture of Sir Charles Maurice Yonge (late) by Jason deCaires Taylor