Natural Curiosity

Discovering the secrets of Queensland’s greatest collections

This exhibition has closed.

We are all curious about the natural world. We are intrigued by how things began, what they are like now and how they will be in the future. 

Venture across land and sea, over millions of years through Queensland’s State Collection to learn how researchers today work with the past to predict the future.

From discovering new animal species, to understanding the effects of climate change, this vast collection of over a million specimens holds the secrets of Queensland’s natural heritage. 

Things to see and do:

  • Explore the Museum's iconic collections of taxidermy birds and animals and get up close to a range of skulls and skeletons.
  • Discover the world of reef building corals and how the Museum has produced leading research in this field for many years.
  • Understand how the Marine Biodiversity Collection of over 50 000 specimens is used by researchers studying biodiversity, ecology and climate change.
  • See how researchers are digging up the past and using cutting-edge techniques such as 3D modelling to analyse and interpret fossils.
  • Learn about the future of research and how new techniques will help scientists to better understand existing natural history collections.

Take the opportunity to step into the collection of stuffed bodies, pickled heads and gaze in wonder as science and nature collide. 

Discover the secrets of the natural world and why Museums hold the key to protecting it.

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Kids can explore Natural Curiosity on their own or with the fun A to S of AnimalS Trail. For visiting school groups, teachers can download the exhibition curriculum links here (390 KB) pdf document icon.

Admission the exhibition is free with Museum admission. Museum admission is free for Annual Pass holders. Click here for opening hours and prices.


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