Queensland Museum staff research, sort, document and care for a growing collection of approximately 4 million fragile insect specimens, some dating back to the 1870s.

Collection Imager, Geoff Thompson began working for Queensland Museum in 1982. His work in caring for and documenting significant insect collections has evolved from hand-done, highly- detailed illustrations, drawn directly from the microscope, to the establishment of a sophisticated digital imaging system.

This selection of images showcases some of Geoff’s work and highlights that special place where art meets science.

New technology allows us to capture and preserve the details and beauty of insects not visible to the naked eye.

Photographs by Geoff Thompson, Andy Wang, Caroline Harding and Russell Thompson. Photo editing, pin and dust removal by Geoff Thompson. With special thanks to Roy Larimer, Les Walkling and Maria Fernanda Cardoso.


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05 March 2018 - 20 May 2018
Free with Admission