Measure Island

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Welcome to Measure Island, a fictional land filled with monuments and statues built by a long-lost civilisation.

This is not your usual island: on Measure Island every step takes you to a new puzzle or exhibit waiting to be explored.

Test the speed and accuracy of your throw, get your heart racing and measure your heart beat while viewing something scary, and watch a ‘diamond’ disappear before your eyes.

Join our characters Archy and his dog Cubit, as you discover how you use measurements in your world. Each of the 22 exhibits explores topics related to measurement, such as time, length, volume, density, buoyancy, temperature, speed and more.

This exhibition celebrates the often hidden world of measurement and will make you think about measurement in a new and fun way. What makes a good measurement, why do our measurement systems exist and what are some of the usual and unusual measurement techniques in our world? There is a lot more to measurement than you might have previously thought.

With exciting hands-on exhibits, this is one island you won’t want to miss visiting. 

Things to see and do

  • Hit the target and check the speed of your throw with Speedball. 
  • Become a jewel thief and learn about forces and pressure. But don’t wake up the statue with your theft!
  • Walk across the bridge and see what is making it so stressed, in Stressed out Bridge. 
  • Make a diamond disappear and discover how light works in Hidden Treasure?
  • How do you measure a crocodile in What a Croc?
  • Work together to balance a large tilting platform. Is it as easy as it looks? 
  • How many monkeys high are you? A fun Tall Tails exhibit for young children.
  • Work out the age of a tree by the rings on its trunk.
  • Can you guess time to the nearest second in Worth the Wait. 
  • Which rabbit takes up less area? Use the tangram shapes to find out. 

Discover more

Discover more with a full description of exhibits for the exhibition Measure Island. 

Learning Resources for Measure Island

Learning resources highlight the exhibition’s main topics, identify curriculum links and provides education materials which support pre-, during or post- a visit to Measure Island.

Measure Island. Developed by Questacon – The National Science and Technology Centre, Canberra.

Event Details

24 October 2015 09:30 AM - 13 March 2016 05:00 PM

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