Charters Towers: 'The World' at their feet

This display provides a glimpse into life in Charters Towers during the heady days of the gold rush in what would be, for a time, Australia's richest gold field.

A frontier town that worked hard and played hard, Charters Towers loved its gold, its gaming machines and Mah jongg, its grog and soft drink, and its many goats and goat racing.

Charters Towers grew into a sophisticated town known affectionately as 'The World'; it was a town that "provided everything a civilised person could want".

Charters Towers Regional Council, Zara Clark Museum and Charters Towers and Dalrymple Archives Group have contributed unique objects and fascinating stories that describe the town's way of life at the turn of last century, and which in some small ways continue to survive in the heritage hotels, remnant mining infrastructure and unshakeable pride in the past.

Event Details

27 July 2015 09:30 AM - 20 September 2015 05:00 PM