Townsville: The Way We Were

Townsville: The Way We Were is part of the city’s ANZAC Day centenary commemorations and will be the second of a series of displays at the Museum of Tropical Queensland revealing different parts of Townsville’s colourful history.

The display of black and white photographs provides a snapshot of daily life in Townsville’s commercial centre between 1913 and 1919.

Compared to 2015, Townsville during World War I was more formal with men wearing suits about town and women in long skirts and sleeves. Horse and buggies and push bikes were the standard modes of transport with only the odd motor car to be seen on the dirt roads.

People during those years were dependent on the town centre for all their shopping and lifestyle needs and Flinders Street boasted large department stores, major hotels, draperies and even two oyster bars.

Event Details

25 April 2015 01:00 PM - 09 August 2015 05:00 PM