A Room for Wild Animals

A Room for Wild Animals showcases 20 taxidermy specimens from the Queensland Museum's collection, including big cats like a lion, cheetah and jaguar, bears and deer.

These large and (in some cases) controversial specimens spend most of their time in storage, out of the public eye, but we've dusted them off and brought them out to help us learn why museums collect animal specimens.

These specimens are not just valuable collection items. They speak on behalf of their living relatives in the wild places of the world and help us learn a valuable conservation lesson. For some species it is already too late – and the only place you will see these animals today is as preserved specimens in museums.

The Museum has set aside A Room for Wild Animals and we hope these unique specimens will help raise awareness and ensure that wild places continue to be maintained for wild animals. Before it is too late.

Event Details

04 April 2015 09:30 AM - 26 January 2016 05:00 PM