Here come the Romans!

Enhance your Ancient Rome: The Empire that Shaped the World exhibition experience with kid-friendly demonstrations and talks about Roman engineering, machines and inspiring ideas.

  • Every day during school holidays, except for weekends
  • Talks offered on the hour from 10am-2pm
  • Duration is approximately 10 minutes

Look out for specially dressed Roman guides who will talk you through how these ancient concepts and machines paved the way for modern technology. Themes include:

Cranes and pulleys
Big construction projects need machines to lift heavy loads. Learn how the ancient Romans used cranes, pulleys, turntables and people power to move heavy building materials. 

Measuring time and distance
Today we measure distance and time electronically. Learn how in ancient Roman times, people used pebbles, gears, dripping water and the sun.  

Roads and carts
The ancient Romans built 400,000 km of roads, some of which are still used today. Learn how these roads were surveyed and constructed to last 2000 years. 

Raising and using water
Fighting gravity to move water uphill requires some innovative machinery. Learn about people-powered screws, water-powered waterwheels and aqueducts.

Attack and defence
The ancient Roman army was a master of attack and defence. Learn about battering rams, siege and assault towers, and tactical formations.

Weapons of attack
Hand-held javelins and stabbing swords, catapults and giant crossbows. Discover the science behind these simple weapons and complex military machines.

Calculators, lifts and pottery wheels
Learn how to add and subject with the abacus. Discover how gladiators and animals were lifted into the Colosseum arena. Investigate a pottery lathe. 


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