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Food, mood and bugs in the guts: How gut bacteria shape our brain

Tuesday 12 November

12pm - 1pm

As part of the Free for Locals Day, hear from Harvard Medical School graduate and James Cook University Professor Zoltan Sarnyai when he talks about the how what you eat can affect your mental health.

Food and mood are intimately connected - and they are likely to be connected through our gut, hence the term “gut feeling”, where trillions of bacteria live happily in a mutually beneficial relationship with us, the host organism. The talk will introduce the audience to the cutting edge science of “psychobiotic revolution”, our new understanding of how food influences the brain through the gut microbiome and will show how mental health can be maintained by carefully tending our home-grown gut bacteria. 

This talk is free to attend. 

Event Details

12 November 2019, 12:00 PM - 01:00 PM