Creepy Crawlies Alive!

Saturday 31 March – Monday 16 April

Families are invited to get up close to some of North Queensland’s creepiest creatures, join a Museum expert to learn about (or even hold) some unique insects, participate in special weaving workshops and even have a munch on a bug or two!

NEW SPECIAL EVENING EVENT: Make it the creepiest Friday the 13th ever with Creepy Crawlies Alive! by Night. To find out more click here.

Everyday events

Creepy Crawlies Alive! Bug House
It is an all-star insect line-up in the Bug House with live Giant Burrowing Cockroaches, a Rainforest Scorpion, Australian Rainforest Millipedes, Rhinoceros Beetles, Praying Mantids and more!

Insectarium Photo Exhibition
Marvel at the intricate detail and beauty of insects in this extraordinary exhibition of photographs of Queensland Museum insect specimens—from the scales on a butterfly wing to the eyes of a fly.

Creepy Crawlies Sensory Trail
Find the five sensory stations throughout the museum to compare the way humans and insects and spiders see, hear, touch, taste and smell.

Creepy Crawly Craft
Cut, colour and glue an insect to ‘feed’ to our giant spider on its huge web.

Insect Pairs Memory Game
How many insect pairs can you match? Have fun with your family on this fun matching game.

Special Events

Venomous Snakes Show
10am & 11:30am
Monday 9 April – Friday 13 April
Meet Ranger Dan from Hands on Wildlife when he introduces you to some of Australia’s deadliest snakes.

Discover More - Insects Talk
10.30am and 12 noon
Thursday 12 April & Friday 13 April
Join Dr Chris Burwell, Queensland Museum entomologist to discover more about Queensland insects.

Edible Bugs
11am, 12:30 and 2pm
Monday – Friday each week
Sample a crispy cooked creepy critter and learn how they may be the future for feeding a hungry world.

‘Keeper’ Talks and Insect Feeding
10am & 11.30am
Tuesday 3 April – Friday 6 April
Join a museum expert to learn about (or even hold) some of our live creepy crawlies and see how they are fed.

Beau the Butterfly and Professor Pinboard
Various times
Monday – Friday each week
Will Beau the Butterfly escape the net of Professor Pinboard, or will he become a permanent part of the Professor’s insect collection? Keep an eye out—Beau might need your help.



Event Details

31 March 2018 - 16 April 2018