All visitors are required to wear a mask at Museum of Tropical Queensland. Children under 12 years and people affected by a medical condition or disability are exempt. Learn more.

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What's on at the museum

Museum of Tropical Queensland has a wide range of permanent and temporary exhibitions that suit all interests and ages.

Current Exhibitions

Ancient Rome: The Empire that Shaped the World

Museum of Tropical Queensland

Highlights one of the most powerful civilisations in the history of humankind by showcasing replica art, machines and technology from the Roman Empire.

Antiquities Revealed

Museum of Tropical Queensland

From the vault of the Queensland Museum Collections, this exhibition showcases real objects from ancient Greek, Roman and Egyptian civilisations.


Museum of Tropical Queensland

Illustrate the diverse and imaginative ways that humans have shaped and used nacre or 'mother-of-pearl'.

Pandora Gallery

Museum of Tropical Queensland

Pandora Gallery tells the story of the ill-fated HMS Pandora, the ship sent by British Admiralty to capture the Bounty and her mutinous crew in 1790.

First Nations Foyer

Museum of Tropical Queensland

Museum of Tropical Queensland is proud to open a new display of First Nations content in the museum foyer.


Museum of Tropical Queensland

Unleash your inner scientist at the new Sciencentre

Discover Tropical Queensland

Museum of Tropical Queensland

Explore the environments of North Queensland through time, and get an insight into its incredible natural wonders.

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Events Calendar

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Upcoming Events

  • ARTefact Workshops

    02 October 2021 - 30 October 2021

    Be inspired by the work of ancient artisans as you design your own mosaic coaster or pottery object in these artistic workshops.

  • Little Learners

    08 October 2021 - 10 December 2021

    We are bringing the museum to life with our Little Learners object-based learning program.

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