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Other collections now incorporated into the Queensland Museum

University of Queensland, Earth Sciences Department collection

  • Began in 1909
  • Amalgamated with the Queensland Museum collection in 1999
  • Only a minority databased
  • Contains over five million items, including 80,000 registered fossil specimens; 5,000 fossil locality lots; 75,000 rock specimens; 6,000 microfossils; 2,000 fossil insects; and 6,000 mineral specimens
  • Is a core of a research collection of material from all over the world which has particular strengths in Palaeozoic corals; Late Palaeozoic brachiopods and molluscs from eastern Australia; and stratigraphic collections

Geological Survey of Queensland collection

  • Started by C. D’Oyly Aplin and Richard Daintree in 1868
  • Amalgamated in 2003
  • 100% databased
  • Is an important record of the fossils related to the detailed stratigraphy of the state
  • Has strengths in terms of stratigraphic collections; historical collections; and Mid-Late Palaeozoic faunas

James Cook University collection

  • Amalgamated in 2008
  • Contains approximately 300 locality fossil lots and 1000 fossil specimens