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Popular publications

Book Cover:  Wild Guide to Moreton Bay

We are nationally recognised for our high quality environmental and cultural heritage publications. Through our dynamic Popular Publications program, we share the results of our academic and scientific research with a broad general audience and strengthen our commitment to community education.

Our books are colourful, easy-to-read and informative. They include:

  • Best-selling Wild Guides;
  • Pocket Guides;
  • Cultural Heritage titles; and
  • Children's books.

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Research publications

The Museum's own journal, the Memoirs of the Queensland Museum (ISSN 0079-8835), was established in 1912 to communicate regional natural history research and it remains one of Australia's leading natural history journals.

In 1998, a second journal Memoirs of the Queensland Museum: Cultural Heritage Series (ISSN 1440-4788) was launched to disseminate results of research into Queensland's cultural heritage.

Read Memoirs of the Queensland Museum issues online.