The discovery of Kosmoceratops

05 April 2011

Hear a first hand account of remarkable new dinosaur discoveries in the USA at a free public talk at the Museum of Tropical Queensland, Tuesday 12 April at 12 noon.

Guest speaker and James Cook University Lecturer Dr Eric Roberts was part of the team that uncovered never-before-seen dinosaur fossils in the United States.

Since 2000, a group of palaeontologists and geologists have been working in a little-known corner of Utah, known as the Kaiparowits Basin, where they have unearthed more than 70 partial to nearly complete dinosaur skeletons, representing 16 different types of dinosaurs, including as many as eight new species.

The talk will discuss the discoveries and their implications for science.

Dr Roberts said the dinosaur and other fossil finds provide critical new information for understanding patterns of dinosaur distribution, evolution and ecology near the end of the ‘Age of Dinosaurs’.

“The most spectacular species discovered were Kosmoceratops richardsoni and Utahceratops getti, which are representatives of the group of dinosaurs known as the ‘Horned’ dinosaurs or ceratopsians,” Dr Roberts said.

“The most famous ceratopsian is the three-horned Triceratops.

“The new Kosmoceratops skulls in comparison had 15 horns - one over the nose, one atop each eye, one at the tip of each cheek bone and 10 across the rear margin of the bony frill, making it the most ornate-headed dinosaur known."

Museum of Tropical Queensland Director Peter McLeod said palaeontology in Queensland is experiencing a boom through the work of Queensland Museum scientists and their regional partners which has achieved international recognition.

“Dr Roberts’ talk adds another dimension to Queenslanders’ fascination with dinosaurs by giving us an insight into the work Townsville-based researchers are doing on the world stage,” Mr McLeod said.

The lecture is part of the Museum of Tropical Queensland’s Discover More Talk series, held on the second Tuesday of each month.

Entry to the Museum of Tropical Queensland is free for locals through the Council Community Pass, supported by Townsville, Burdekin, Charters Towers and Hinchinbrook councils.

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