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About us

The Museum of Tropical Queensland is the only branch of the Queensland Museum Network north of Brisbane. The Museum focuses on researching and interpreting the cultural and natural heritage of tropical Queensland.


The present museum opened in 2000 on the site of an earlier, smaller building. Its new and modern displays explore life in the tropics from pre-historic times to the modern era.

The star attraction is the HMS Pandora gallery. Sent to catch the famous Bounty and her mutinous crew, the Pandora sank off the coast of Cape York in 1791. Hundreds of amazing artefacts have been recovered from the wreck and are on display.

One of our most popular areas for kids is the Enchanted Rainforest, which focuses on one of North Queensland’s most iconic ecosystems, transporting visitors into the light and shade of Tropical Queensland’s rainforest environment.  Built around an awe-inspiring recreation of a quandong tree and featuring a slide and rope bridge, children can learn about rainforest plants and animals in a safe and fun environment.

We also host a series of visiting displays from other museums. This brings fresh and engaging content that locals might not otherwise get a chance to see.


We house the following research units of the Queensland Museum:

  • Maritime Archaeology
  • Corals - we are known world wide for the study of Great Barrier Reef and staghorn corals.
  • Tropical Natural History - with a focus on the taxonomic study of the tropical biota of Queensland and Indo-Pacific region.

More about research at the Queensland Museum.


Our collections cover:

  • areas of pure and applied sciences
  • Maritime and social history of North Queensland.

More about collections at the Queensland Museum.


  • We offer enticing public programs including monthly lectures and fun holiday programs.
  • We deliver curriculum-linked education programs for primary and secondary schools.
  • We develop specific education programs for tertiary institutions on request.

More information about our services.