People List

  • Dr Rob Adlard

    Head of Marine Zoology & Senior Curator of Parasitology, Biodiversity Program

  • Alison Mann

    Cultures & Histories Program MTQ

  • Dr Claudia Arango

    Research Associate, Arachnology, Biodiversity Program

  • Dr Brit Asmussen

    Curator, Archaeology, Cultural and Histories Program

  • Dr Barbara Baehr

    Arachnology, Biodiversity Program

  • Alethea Beetson

    Indigenous Engagement Coordinator, Cultures and Histories Program.

  • Tom Bridge

    Senior Curator of Corals, Biodiversity Program

  • Dr Niel L. Bruce

    Senior Curator, Tropical Marine Biodiversity, Biodiversity Program

  • Dr Mal Bryant

    Collection Manager and Research Assistant in Parasitology, Biodiversity Program

  • Carmen Burton

    Assistant Curator, Queensland Stories, Cultural Environments Program

  • Dr Chris Burwell

    Senior Curator, Insects, Biodiversity Program

  • Mark Clayton

    Senior Curator, Social History, Cultures and Histories Program

  • Leonie Coghill

    Repatriation Manager, Cultures and Histories Program

  • Patrick Couper

    Curator of Reptiles and Amphibians, Biodiversity Program

  • Dr Robyn Cumming

    Robyn Cumming is the Collection Manager for Biodiversity at the Museum of Tropical Queensland, Townsville (MTQ).

  • Peter Davie

    Senior Curator of Crustacea, Biodiversity Program

  • Tanya Edbrooke

    Program Support Officer, Cultures and Histories Program

  • Dr Merrick Ekins

    Collection Manager of Sessile Marine Invertebrates, Biodiversity Program

  • Dr Maddy Fowler

    Senior Curator Maritime Archaeology, Cultures and Histories Program, Museum of Tropical Queensland, Townsville

  • Dr Kirsty Gillespie

    Senior Curator (Anthropology), Cultures and Histories

  • Nicholas Hadnutt

    Curator, Archaeology, Cultures and Histories Program

  • Dr John Healy

    Curator of Biodiversity (Marine Invertebrates – Mollusca), Mollusca Section, Biodiversity Program

  • Wendy Hebron

    Assistant Collection Manager & Research Assistant, Arachnology, Biodiversity Program

  • Judith Hickson

    Curator of Social History, Cultures and Histories Program

  • Dr Scott Hocknull

    Senior Curator, Geosciences Program

  • Dr John Hooper

    Head Biodiversity & Geosciences Programs

  • Heather Janetzki

    Collection Manager, Mammals & Birds, Biodiversity Program

  • Jeff Johnson

    Collection Manager, Ichthyology, Biodiversity Program

  • Karen Kindt

    Assistant Collection Manager, Anthropology, Cultures and Histories Program

  • Chantal Knowles

    Head of Cultures and Histories Program

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