Year 4 - 6

Be an Historian. Students use objects, pictures, models and timelines to explore ways in which historians gather evidence for their ideas and explanations.

All Aboard: 18th Century Maritime Exploration - Yr 4
Duration: 90 minutes
Students learn the story of the HMS Pandora, engage in daily activities of different crew members, examine the replica and artefacts to understand the role of maritime archeology in revealing the past. Students participate in 'Running out the gun' - loading and firing a replica 6 pounder cannon.

Revealing the Past : Objects Tell Stories Yr 4-7 
Duration: 60 minutes

Students explore objects and time-lines to develop historical skills through the observation, examination and analysis. Objects relate to exploration, settlement and Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Cultures.

Be a Scientist. Students practise skills of observation, classification, estimation and investigation to explore ways in which scientists gather evidence to develop scientific ideas and explanations

Ancient Seas - Yr 4
Duration: 60 minutes
Students investigate what the fossil record reveals about the geological history of North Queensland through examination of fossils, time lines, an erosion gully. Students uncover the creatures and habitats of the Cretaceous Inland Sea, 100 million years ago.

Who dunnit? Feeding Relationships - Mangroves/Rainforests Yr 4-7
Duration: 60 minutes
Students use their investigation to skills to uncover predator prey and feeding relationships which exist in North Queensland's complex ecosystems like rainforests and mangroves.

Adaptations - Yr 5
Duration: 60 minutes
Students investigate a range of North Queensland environments, past and present, and discover the adaptations of the plants and creatures who inhabit the rainforest, dry tropics and coral reefs.

Extreme Survivors - Yr 6
Duration: 60 minutes
Students investigate Rainforests, Mangroves and Deep Sea and discover the adaptations and survival mechanisms plants and animals have evolved to continue to live in these extreme environments.

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