Year 11 - 12

Engaging with Scientists: Meet scientists and researchers who work at the Museum.

Adaptation and environment 
Duration 60 - 90 minutes
Students reveal the secrets of corals and reef invertebrates through investigation and observation. Discover the similarities and differences in marine organisms structures and systems. Investigate the impact of a variety of factors on the health and survival of habitat.

Classification: Learn taxonomy and classification from the experts
Duration: 60 - 90 minutes
Students rotate through a number of tasks and areas within the Discover Tropical Queensland Gallery to identify a variety of species using a dichotomous key, examine three birds to create a dichotomous key, and key out some crustaceans in the mangrove display on observable characteristics.

Collections and Curios : Behind the Scenes with a Museum Curator

Social History and Indigenous Heritage
Duration: 60 - 90 minutes
Discuss the role of museums in preserving our heritage with a Museum Curator member, review some of the ethical considerations surrounding keeping objects and have the opportunity of viewing some of the cultural objects and collections held at the museum. Investigate the Pandora mystery of Tom, Dick and Harry. Who were they?

Maritime Conservation
Duration: 60 -75 minutes
Students gain an understanding of the processes involved in the conservation of maritime objects, with a behind the scenes tour of conservation areas (wet and dry labs and collection store) and a brief talk by a curatorial staff member. They collect information about the four main phases of conservation for either a wooden or iron object. They also complete record sheets for 1 metal and 1 non-metal item.


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