Dinosaur rEvolution: Secrets of Survival


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Friday 1 June 3-5pm

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Not long ago, what we knew about dinosaurs was based almost totally on assumptions made from studying their internal body structures. The rest, including colours and skin coverings, was left to the imagination.

Now, a vast web of new research on dinosaur fossils found in China has revealed an evolutionary arms-race.

The two groups of Dinosauria, Ornithischians and Theropoda, were engaged in a brutal ongoing fight for survival.


Porcupine-line runners, massive horned faces and tank-like monsters had to live with and defend themselves against the teeth and claws of the Feathery Menace… a menace that sometimes reached gigantic proportions in the shape of Tyrannosaurus.


This clash of evolutionary strategies saw only the smallest dinosaurs being able to fly away and survive extinction.


Dinosaur rEvolution: Secrets of Survival explores the predatory prehistoric world of dinosaurs with animatronics, 3D models, close-to-life sized murals and fossil casts you can touch. It reveals how two separate paths of dinosaur evolution led to a massive and dramatic battle that could only be won by flying away!


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A Travelling Exhibition by Luis V. Rey & Gondwana Studios.




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02 June 2018 09:30 AM - 21 October 2018 05:00 PM