Croc Season Public Talks

Croc Season

A series of croc talks to support the Museum's Croc Country exhibition.


Sunday 16 November, 12noon - 1pm

Venue: Theatre

Robert Reid - North Queensland-based author and investigative journalist

An old school journo and "nuts and bolts" talker, Robert specialises in true crime and published Croc! Savage Tales from Australia's Wild Frontier in 2008. Hear the stories behind some of Australia's most famous croc hunters, infamous fatal encounters and great croc escapes.

A former Cairns Bureau Chief for The Courier-Mail newspaper, Robert won the best feature story and best overall news story in the inaugural North Queensland Media Awards in 1985.


Saturday 22 November, 11am - 1pm

Venue: Theatre, then Croc Country exhibition

Wildlife Officers from the Department of Environment and Heritage Protection

Ranger Dan from Hands on Wildlife (with live crocs)

Come along and meet some of EHP's Wildlife Officers from the Wildlife Management team who will be talking about living in Croc Country. This is also a great photo opportunity with Ranger Dan and his live crocs. 


Sunday 23 November, 12noon - 1pm

Venue: Theatre

John Lever - owner of Koorana Crocodile Farm near Rockhampton

Hear John talk about how Koorana Crocodile Farm works from a commercial and a conservation aspect including the breeding programs, research, tourism and croc wrangling training workshops.

Koorana Crocodile Farm was opened in November 1981 and was the first commercial crocodile farm in Queensland. Koorana now has a carrying capacity of 3,000 crocs and produces the highest quality crocodile leather products, including, handbags and belts, as well as supplying croc meat to restaurants around Australia.

Koorana is an approved farm, operating under the Australian Government's strategic conservation program. 

Sunday 30 November, 12noon - 1pm

Venue: Theatre, then Croc Country exhibition

Matt Brien - Senior Ranger, Wildlife Management Unit, Department of Environment and Heritage Protection 

Senior Ranger with EHP's Wildlife Management unit, Matt Brien will talk about the challenges of working and living with crocodiles in North Queensland. Come along and learn about how crocs are managed in Queensland and how to live and play safe in Croc Country.


Monday 1 December, 12noon - 1pm

Venue: Theatre

Matt Brien - Senior Ranger, Wildlife Management Unit, Department of Environment and Heritage Protection 

Managing crocodiles in Queensland is a challenging business. Join Senior Ranger Matt Brien as he discusses how crocodile research, management and education all work together to balance crocodile conservation with public safety.


Sunday 7 December, 12noon - 1pm

Venue: Theatre

Dr Claire Brennan - historian and lecturer, James Cook University

In the 1950s northern Australia sought to rival East Africa as a safari destination. The ability to hunt dangerous big game in luxury in Queensland relied on crocodiles; and a French ladies' hairdresser living in Melbourne.

Join Claire as she explores the emergence of crocodile shooting as a sport in northern Australia and learn about the characters involved including Renee Henri, Vince Vlasoff and Lloyd Grigg.

Claire's research centres on the history of animals and she is interested in sport hunting in both Australia and New Zealand. At present Claire's research focuses on crocodile hunting in tropical Australia.


Sunday 14 December, 12noon - 1pm

Venue: Theatre

Brad Cooper - Senior Ranger at Billabong Sanctuary

Over 30 years ago, Bob and Del Flemming stood at the edge of a bare paddock and dared to dream about building their own wildlife park. In March 1985, that dream became a reality.

Today the multi-award winning Billabong Sanctuary is a fully accredited Advanced Ecotourism Attraction and has welcomed about a million visitors. It remains a family-owned and operated business and the owners and staff are committed to conservation, education and entertainment.

Join Brad as he talks about the role of zoos in crocodile conservation, now and in the future.


Sunday 11 January, 12noon - 1pm

Venue: Theatre

Anthony Styan - historian and history honours student at James Cook University

Long before Steve Irwin rose to fame as the Crocodile Hunter, Townsville's own St. John Robinson was capturing and exhibiting iconic Australian and exotic fauna. While Robinson was a typical daring bushman, he also closely documented the mysterious life of crocodiles.

Anthony Styan will discuss the history of North Queensland's zoos, botanical gardens and natural history societies. He will examine the development of science in North Queensland and the central role of the captive crocodile in the struggle to control, exploit and understand Queensland's unique flora and fauna.


Sunday 18 January, 12noon - 1pm

Venue: Theatre

Robert Baxter - historian and history honours student at James Cook University

Crocodiles can mean plenty of thrills and adventure, but they can also mean big money.

Join Robert as he explores the commercial side to crocodile hunting, and the dangers of getting too greedy. Learn how ladies' handbags can bring a species to the brink of extinction.


Event Details

15 November 2014 11:00 AM - 18 January 2015 01:00 PM

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